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Every Year, Over 25,000 Monarchs Overwinter in Pacific Grove. Arriving in October, the Monarch Butterflies cluster together on the pines and eucalyptus trees of the Sanctuary. Their migration to Pacific Grove is so unitique and inspiring that Pacific Grove is nicknamed "Butterfly Town, U.S.A." The community has always welcomed the butterflies and sought for their protection. Citizens of Pacific Grove voted to create an additional tax to create the Monarch Grove Sanctuary, led by dedicated volunteers. The Pacific Grove Police Department continues to enforce strict regulations that prohibit the "molestation of butterflies." The fine? $1,000.

Pacific Grove's George Washington Park is part of the original overwintering habitat. However, urbanization, aging of the trees, and stresses caused by drought and root damage from foot traffic have caused a decline of this habitat. The City is trying to reverse this decline with an aggressive campaign of tree planting, mulching, and trail improvement.